Endolyne Choir Families,

The best part of the summer coming to a close means it’s back to choir time! I can’t wait to start the Fall Session of Endolyne with you on September 22!

This season is going to be filled with new music, new lessons and new friends! In the fall, in Debut we’ll welcome our youngest singers and introduce some fun musical games as well as holiday-themed favorites. Encore will also learn some fall-themed songs and I hope to sing a few numbers in 2-part harmony! I look forward to really diving into some challenging solfege and theory games and singing a capella with our always inspiring Advanced Ensemble singers.

The fall will include a performance at the Fauntleroy Fall Festival on October 11, Bring-A-Friend-Night on October 13 and a handful of holiday concerts in the first few weeks of December! It’s always a busy, but really exciting session!

Make sure to come to the first rehearsal on September 22 so we can all get started together! And bring a friend who might be interested in joining too! It’s so much fun to have lots of voices singing together!

See you soon!