Instructions/Tips for Home Practice

Tip #1: Schedule your practice sessions on consistent days/times each week.

  • Home practice assignments will be posted in Canvas every Wednesday evening.
  • Recommended practice schedule is Thurs/Fri/Sun/Mon.

Tip #2: Know the amount of practice required for your choir level.

  • Debut Prep: As directed (check Canvas for assigned practice)
  • Debut: 15 minute practice sessions 4x per week (total of 1 hour per week).
  • Encore: 20 minute practice sessions 4x per week (total of 80 minutes per week).
  • Advanced Ensemble: 30 minute practice sessions 4x per week (total of 2 hours per week).

Tip #3: Ensure younger singers have support during their practice sessions.

Debut, Debut Prep, and younger/beginner Encore singers need an adult present when practicing at home. Some basic responsibilities of this adult include:

  • Help the singer log into their Canvas account and open the current week’s post.
  • Ensure the singer properly warms up their voice.
  • Help the singer read the solfege in their sheet music and use solfege hand signs while practicing.
  • Help the singer count rhythm if needed.
  • Remind the singer to stand tall and use proper breath techniques.
  • Help the singer project their voice by sitting across the room and having them sing to you.
  • Help the singer practice choreography as needed.

Here are some videos to use for solfege practice and warmup:

Singers are encouraged to use some of these familiar warmups from rehearsal: