Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Endolyne Children’s Choir teaches the joy of singing in a community setting that fosters self -confidence, teamwork, and a lifelong appreciation for music.

Our Mission

Endolyne Children’s Choir is a non-audition choir that provides robust and transformative choral education for all young singers. We empower our choristers to develop confidence, form friendships, and learn performance skills in an inclusive, equitable environment.

ECC creates enriching musical experiences through high-quality curriculum, diverse repertoire, and varied performance opportunities. Our dynamic, professional instructors set clear expectations and nurture children’s artistic and emotional development. Our choristers build community, have fun, and always bring their very best.

ECC singers connect with, inspire, and uplift the greater community, while developing lifelong appreciation for music and the arts.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We offer Quality instruction, emphasizing:
    • Fundamentals of music theory
    • A wide variety of musical styles and genres
    • The importance of achieving one’s personal best
  • We build Character, by expecting our choir members to value and demonstrate:
    • Respect
    • Commitment
    • Teamwork
  • We teach Performance Skills that build:
    • Confidence
    • Professionalism
    • Focus
    • Self-discipline
  • We’ve achieve these goals with a Spirit of happiness, fun, and camaraderie in our singing.

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